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A box which measures real-time parameters of the inventory stored in it, which can be easily managed and accessed from anywhere, via a user friendly UI & with inbuilt ML tools, one can anaylse & optimise inventory cycle, to ease production line.

Infy - The Social Robot

It is a multipurpose adaptive companion robot which consist of a single base with varied integrated modules for numerous different applications. it's designed in such a way to become an all-purpose robot considering the needs and expectations of the potential customer.


A instructor medium for teenagers to develop STEM skills with more engaging and exciting involvement into micro DIY projects based on their interest.

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A bunch of visionary engineers, fussing to develop and implement unusual & risky ideas, due an unparalleled satisfaction of existing needs and discovery of new needs. Hence, to form a beeter ecosystem in order for leading a business model providing products and services based on creative and ambitious ideas that drives with innovation to make few bucks!
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Founding Team

Vivek Kansagra

Chief Designer

Rushikesh Bagul

Cheif Executive Officer

Jaimin Patel

Cheif Marketing Officer

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